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“At a distance of 16 feet, the sprinkles blur, tricking the human eye into believing that it is looking at a large photograph. Only when you closely examine the work do you realize that it has been created entirely with tiny spheres of candy. Taking 8 months to complete, only 6 colors were used.”

by Joel Brochu

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First Gen Starters

(Tim Burton Inspired Pokémon Re-Designs)

First generation starters are done! Whew!

I can’t believe the response this little side-project has gotten though. Crazy! Thanks a lot guys!

And yes, I was planning to finish the 151 at the very least. But I’m pretty busy most of the time so I can’t post these regularly. But I will update when I can. :)

Also, I’ll be responding to the messages some of you have sent… eventually.

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Photographer Dina Goldstein’s series “Fallen Princesses“ has actually been around since 2009 but I had never posted the photographs as a complete set before. The project looks at Disney fairy tale princesses and their harshly realistic modern day lifestyles. Seems not everybody lives happily ever after. This project has won several awards, been published internationally in magazines, analyzed by experts in the field of Fairytale literature and studied in High schools and Universities.

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