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FahrLight's Loki Cosplay: THOR 2 PREMIERE IN BERLIN (and a kneeling Mr. Hiddleston!)



Well hello.

It’s time to tell my story, isn’t it? I promised you. How to start? Oh yes, at the beginning. And the beginning already began months ago when a little german hobby-Loki decided to go to the Berlin Thor: the dark world premiere. Living in Berlin means for me to only…

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What do you think it is about Loki that people seem to love over Thor?

hemsworth’s ability to handle such a disrespectful question so smoothly is something worth praising. not only did he take the burden of answering that dumb question off of tom’s shoulders, he managed to somehow turn it around in the most humble way possible and spared everyone any further embarrassment, and if you don’t think chris is hella cool for that then you need to get the fuck out of my face

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Frost Giant- We’ve found him.

Laufey - Then bring him to me. Bring me my son.

He was destined to be great. Laufey knew this from the prophecy that had been made about his son, his first born. His son was to be a great king, a crucial link, who despite his form would bring Jotunheim much glory.However, even prophecies can only tell one so much.

The battle between Jotunheim and Asgard had been wearing on for so long now. Many on both sides lost their lives.Perhaps, it had been a mistake for Laufey to have his troops charge head first into Midgard. Odin would not take kindly to this, retaliating with all of his might. Now, they were driven back to their own realm of frost and ice. As the fight continued on, there was another battle happening, a birth. Despite his longing to be on the battlefield, Laufey knew that there was one place that he needed to be at in that moment, with his mate. 

As the Asgardians charged at the Jotun, the walls beginning to crash, a baby took in his first breath of life, crying. Laufey held his son close. True, he was stunted, small, and fragile.Yet, in that moment, he could not help his paternal extinct, to want to love and protect his son. “Loptr.” He decided on the name for his first born. A good strong name fit for the new prince of Jotunheim.

Another crash. He needed to hurry. With Loptr in his arms, he raced for the temple. The temple itself has been able to make it through so much. It was the only safe place for the newborn now.

Once at this place of safety, he gently placed down the baby. Kissing his son on the forehead, he turned to go. He would not let Odin win. “Rest now, my son. Soon this war will be over and we will be together again.” The baby did all he could do in that moment, which was cry. “Stay safe, Loptr.” With that he left his son, hoping that fate would spare his son’s life.


Fate did in fact spare the little one’s life. But the victory of the war had been handed to Odin. Furious and weak, the Jotun king glared as he watched the Asgardians pillage his kingdom, taking the Casket of Winters, their very power, making them useless. 

But of all the treasures that were taken, the worst was the baby. As the Asgardians prepared to leave, he sees the All-father carrying a baby in his hands. Fighting against his bonds, Laufey let out harsh curses, trying to get his son back. However, it was too late. Before he could get to his son, Odin and Loptr disappeared in a shinning light, the Bifrost. “Loptr!” He cried out for his son.  His heir gone, transformed to look like the Aesir, Laufey’s hatred towards Odin only festered and grew, twisting and darkening.


Years passed. The stolen child had grown up to become known as the god of mischief and lies. In all that time, Loki only ever knew that Odin and Frigga were his parents, certainly never that he was of Jotun birth and the rightful heir to the throne of Jotunheim.

Loki sighed as he looked around the barren frozen wasteland that he now found himself in. He understood that he was there as a result of his own trick, letting the Frost Giants in in order to stop his brother from being crowned king. Yes, he was envious of Thor, but his reasoning was beyond that. He knew Thor better than anyone else and the thunderer was clearly not ready for the throne. Hence why he needed a distraction, some time to put off Thor’s coronation, so that Asgard would not fall to ruin.

They had a chance to walk away, to go back to Asgard. But of course Thor would not take well to being called a princess. Damn his pride. Very well. Time to fight.

As the battle began between the six Asgardians, Laufey watched each of them with noted interest. It was common knowledge that any Asgardian could be his son and heir. True, Laufey had fathered more sons after Loptr, but none of them were worthy or disciplined enough in his eyes to become king. No. He needed Loptr to rule. That is why all these years he has been recovering his strength and trying at every moment to get into Asgard to take back what is his.

Loki heard Volstagg shout something about not letting the Frost Giants touch their skin or they would receive an icy burn. The warning for him is too late. One of the Jotun grabbed his arm, freezing off the leather and metal of his sleeve. It was then in that moment that his pale flesh began to turn blue. It was a most strange sight to him and he could not help but feel a bit frightened and surprised. 

There was a tense moment of silence between the Jotun and Loki, the confused one looking at the other trying to figure this all out. The grasp around Loki’s arm tightens. “We’ve found him.” The lost prince had at last returned home unknowingly.

Laufey gained word, looking down to see one of his men and Loki staring at each other in surprise and shock. Standing from his seat, he let out a direct command. “Then bring him to me, Bring me my son.”

Before Loki could comprehend what was going on, he was encircled by any Jotun who was not being dealt with by Thor, Sif, or the Warriors Three. Their cold hands reached out for him, turning his skin blue. His form preventing from becoming like that of an Aesir again, no matter how much Loki willed it. 

Soon enough he was brought before Laufey. He looked at Laufey with eyes changing from emerald to ruby, he could not help but detest the king for his ill treatment. Yet Laufey ignored the distaste on his son’s face. He stepped down to his son. After so many years of waiting and wanting Loptr had returned to him. Embracing Loki, he smiled as he held him close. “Welcome home, my son.”

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