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FahrLight's Loki Cosplay: THOR 2 PREMIERE IN BERLIN (and a kneeling Mr. Hiddleston!)



Well hello.

It’s time to tell my story, isn’t it? I promised you. How to start? Oh yes, at the beginning. And the beginning already began months ago when a little german hobby-Loki decided to go to the Berlin Thor: the dark world premiere. Living in Berlin means for me to only…

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What do you think it is about Loki that people seem to love over Thor?

hemsworth’s ability to handle such a disrespectful question so smoothly is something worth praising. not only did he take the burden of answering that dumb question off of tom’s shoulders, he managed to somehow turn it around in the most humble way possible and spared everyone any further embarrassment, and if you don’t think chris is hella cool for that then you need to get the fuck out of my face

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