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Anonymous asked: everlark, 8?


(8. secretly a virgin)

Katniss arches her back off the bed, whimpering as Peeta drags his tongue over the slick heat between her legs. She whines in protest when he lifts his head, but her breath catches in her throat when she sees the way he’s slowly stroking himself, leaning over her, nuzzling at her cheek.

He lowers his hips against hers, and she can feel him pressed right there against her. A nervous thrill races through her veins. He captures her lips in a kiss, then asks, “You ready?”

She can’t lie to him. Not when he’s naked and panting and hers. Not when they’re finally, finally here. Together.

"I’ve never done this," she blurts out.

Peeta lips fall slack against her collarbone, and he sits back on his heels, still cradled between her knees. She tries to look at anything but his erection, but it’s just there, so hard that it almost grazes the skin of his stomach. ”Never done what?” he says slowly, like he knows but doesn’t want to believe it.

"Had sex," she says, after a long pause. 

He rubs his forehead with the back of his hand, a tic she’s noticed in the months since he came back to Twelve. He does it when he’s thinking hard. 

"You told me…that you did it with Gale," he finally says. "When we were still in Thirteen. Real or not real?"

"Real," she whispers, her gut twisting unpleasantly. 

She’d been so angry back then, so stung by Peeta’s suspicion and hate, that the lie had just slipped out of her. 

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Gen-Swapped Kakasaku: “Obscene” *NSFW*

It’s 11:34 at night. I have two essays due the next day. Instead, I’m writing smut for the fandom I’ve been dead from for the past three months. I blame Neon.

Kakashi is about 17 here? 18 or 19 maybe?


Title: “Obscene”
Word Count:
Rating: M. Like seriously, no kids allowed.
Summary: Despite always trying to keep the moral high ground, Kakashi feels himself slipping. [Kakasaku]


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Gen-Swap Kakasaku: “Pupil”

So this started out nsfw, then it became very NSFW. And yet you’ll still hate me. Also, contains some experimental pseudo-poetry in the beginning because I had started out with a different direction at first.

This is going to be for Serenity, because I would’ve never been into glasses as much if it weren’t for her. Look what you’ve done. And also for Neon, because she’s Totes-Magotes cute and I keep promising her smut and this is as close as I can get right now. (Soon, my dear. Soon…

Last fic of 2013, guys! So hype!

Title: Pupil
Summary: There is always something more to learn.

Set after “Growth Spurt,” but before “Anachronistic.”


He knew everything about her.

From her shoe size to her favorite shampoo, to the way she walked too. Down to the exact moment her weight distributed to its next step, to the flying interchanging swing of her fingertips.

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Gen-Swap. Kakasaku: “Anachronistic”

This is not the thing, serenitytouched. But it is a thing. I made a thing for fandom again, guys. I did a thing.

Title: Anachronistic
Summary: Kakashi never acts like how anyone expects him to.

This was supposed to fit in one of my two Gen-swap timelines. It was also supposed to be smutty, except now it’s done and it’s not and I don’t know where to put it anymore, so we’ll just say it fits in both. 

Set after they get together, in either timeline.


She woke up alone, the space to her left conspicuously empty, the sheets rumpled and cold.

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Generation-Swap Kakasaku: “Growth Spurt”

This started out cute, then angsty, then suddenly ended up bathed in UST. This oneshot IS puberty. (Based on that headcanon-y thing that hani-boo reblogged)

Title: Growth Spurt
Summary: Kakashi is growing up, and Sakura doesn’t know how she’s going to handle it.


Growth spurts were unnerving. 

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Achievement: Birthday Update Unlocked!

I thought I wasn’t going to make it, but at the price of my homework productivity, I finally have something for you all! It’s Halloween-themed, and if some of you guys recognize the art I made, you’ll know it’s the companion fic to that Kakasaku Costume Contest thing that was on the Kakasaku LJ…last…year… (yeahhhhhh….but hey, I finished the fic eventually!)

Title: One Step towards Normal
Summary: He was the same Kakashi he had always been; he was just missing another part of himself now… Or at least, that’s what he told himself.

AO3 or

(Art/spoilers below)

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