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Some more of my gender bend, this time, of Pocahontas and Cruella from 101 dalmatians  and I did some progress shots^_^ Please reblog from me if you want to share ! thank you ! I’m really getting tired of people posting my stuff without credit >__<….

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See the progress shot of the 101 dalmatian here

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I love how with Disney villains their songs are usually either “glorified soliloquies about their plans” or “trying to make a deal with the protagonist” but Gaston’s song is literally the whole town trying to raise his shattered ego after he got rejected from a marriage proposal given to the one woman in town that would quite obviously turn him down.

No one brings townspeople together for astounding musical acts like Gaston

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"He will be mine or he will burn!"

(( Frollo has always scared the shit out of me. He’s honestly the most terrifying and fascinating Disney villain in my books, and when I got old enough to understand his creepy fascination with Esmerelda… damn Frollo, calm down.

So… after listening to THIS incredible cover… I couldn’t help myself. Here’s my genderbent screenshot edits for “Frolla and Esmereldis”. XD ))

Dammit… Esmeralda looks SOOO sexy at the first pic! 

Also, Click HERE to hear “God Help The Outcasts” in an amazing male version! 

OMFG GUYS, A GORGEOUS MALE COVER FOR ESMERELDA! *squeals* Also, someone mentioned that “Frollo” is his last name… whoops… so here’s CLAUDIA Frollo. XD hehe. 

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